The trials and tribulations of a Madonna fan in Palestine.

On May 29 the Queen of Pop, Madonna, held a ‘Concert for Peace’ in a Tel Aviv stadium for a crowd of 30,000 Israelis. Despite the plea of many Israelis, Palestinians and international solidarity activists to heed Palestinian civil society’s call for the cultural and academic boycott of the State of Israel, Madonna went ahead with her ‘Concert for Peace’ and handed out roughly 600 tickets to members of ‘Israeli and Palestinian peace camps.’

I was ready to write a long post highlighting all that is wrong with Madonna’s trip to Israel and emphasizing the strategic role BDS plays in resisting Israeli oppression. However, I came across a video that does all that and so much more. In the video two brothers from the Palestinian village of Ni’lin get tickets to Madonna’s concert and try to go. Watch and get a unique perspective into the everyday life of a Palestinian.


About Adam Akkad
Adam Akkad is a Palestinian-American student at The George Washington University. He is editor in chief of Beyond Compromise. Follow him on Twitter @Abou_Charlie

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