“There is no god, but Bashar” – Syrian Man Buried Alive By Assad Loyalists

A video uploaded to YouTube today shows a Syrian man being buried alive by Assad loyalists. The description of the video claims the man was being punished for providing Al Jazeera Arabic with footage of the Assad regime’s crimes. As they begin to cover the man’s head with dirt he begins to yell La ilaha illa Allah ‘There is no god but God.’ The Assad loyalists respond La ilaha illa Bashar ‘There is no god, but Bashar.’

Regardless of your stance on the revolution, I can’t imagine how anyone in their right mind wouldn’t find this beyond repugnant. Be warned the video is graphic and heart wrenching. And as with everything coming out of Syria, it is virtually impossible to absolutely confirm anything. Viewer discretion is advised.

Heart, thoughts, and prayers are in Syria.